The avast password managers vs lastpass are a pair of password management software applications that each provide a vast selection of features to cut down on time and stress while keeping your passwords secure. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. The main difference between them could be in the small nuances of interface or preferences of the users.

Both are top contenders for the best password manager that is available. Both include a robust password generator, automatic fill-in capability for mobile and websites and the ability to synchronize across devices. Both offer sharing of passwords with the option to remove the password at any time. However, LastPass takes the lead in a range of additional features such as security dashboards, dark web monitoring, and many more.

Both password managers provide live chat and phone support. The avast Password Manager is only available in Avast Antivirus. New subscriptions are no longer available. It is therefore less likely to receive updates and bug fixes. LastPass, on its part continues to work on and improve its platform.

Both password managers are well-designed browser extensions and applications both of which offer auto-filling and auto-saving capabilities. In addition, both allow users to store notes and credit cards in addition passwords. LastPass offers a wider selection of features in terms of security, compatibility, and syncing than Avast. Additionally its premium plans come with the secure password vault as well as password sharing and a dark web monitoring feature.